Order and dispatch

If you like my dolls and want to buy one, kindly get in contact with me. I will let you know if the doll is still available and will reserve it for you for 14 days. Payment is tobe made either by bank transfer. As soon as I receive the amount, I will carefully pack the doll and send it to you at the next working day. Postal delivery to the United States or to Japan lasts approximately 10 - 15 days.

Please confirm the receipt of the doll. Remark: During more than 30 year not a single doll got broken during dispatch.

All of my customers were satisfied with their new dolls. The joy about a Gieszer-Bru doll lasts a lifetime, also for the generations to come. Into every single doll I give all my love, care, and professional skill in order to bring joy to people all over the world.

I wish you a lot of pleasure with your own personal Gieszer-Bru!